Benoit Lalloz is a self-taught lighting designer and light artist born in Paris in 1960.

Drawn to cinema and silver photography since teenagehood, photography and cinema clubs have become his adventure playgrounds.

Of this period of visual learning remain a relationship and a distinctive passion for lighting and movement.

From the age of 19, he worked for ten years as a puppeteer and manipulator of mobile objects in dramatic interpretation.

In the 1990’s he meets Bernard Sajner upon les fantasmagories de Robertson and through this meeting he gets introduced to the first animatronics characters created in Europe.

In 1990, he created Act Espace, a company specialized in scenography and lighting, which he continued to direct into the 2000s.

From the 2000’s, following his meeting with Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster related to the Bonne Nouvelle project in Paris, a new period of research and of visual experimentation begins. It is based on two approaches: The creation of “lighting” artworks or installation art and the creation of spaces or fashion shows on behalf of Maison Balenciaga which, at that time, was run by fashion designer Nicolas Ghesquière.

The 2000-2014 period abounds in experiments and projects, allowing the circle of collaboration to extend and welcome artists or architects such as: jean-Philippe Gleize, Ange Leccia, Philippe Parenno, Philippe Rahm, François Roche.


Between reality and residual visual perception, between static volume and volume of photons in motion, Benoit Lalloz’ designing work has grown to encompass interior architecture and shapes and matters design.

Imagining light as both an 'object' of interpretation and a 'generator' of perceptions, Benoit Lalloz' creations incorporate light at the very genesis of works or installations such as Cosmodrome, Nocturama, Trou Noir, Panorama, Ce qui arrive, Espace Odyssée, the opera Bonjour Monsieur Gauguin, ...

On another plan are born: spaceships, microcities, satellites, drones, nanos but also mummies, cycloraptors, orcans and other odd “spoutniks”.


Where… lighting and movement are identified as signs of tension, of transportation or more, of transfiguration.


Benoit Lalloz works in the following fields:


- The creation of objects and artworks to which light and movement are fundamental

- Lighting Direction for interiors, lighting aesthetics with regard to space, material, objects, and functionality

- Design of light fixtures

- Design of matters


Benoit Lalloz's studio also offers related services such as : graphic design, light lab, photography, CADD, visual rendering, and electromechanics.

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